Pipeline pressure test is one of the important links in pipeline engineering. According to the actual conditions of the site, can use the water pressure test for piping system, component parts and accessories (valves, wells room) the number of each section of the pipe elevation condition determines the length of the pressure test.

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First, the pipeline hydraulic test must be equipped with the conditions

1, the water pressure test must be before the pipe joints, interfaces, and other ancillary structures, and other ancillary structures to carry out a serious examination of the appearance.

2, the pipeline of the exhaust system (exhaust valve) to carry out inspection and implementation.

3, the implementation of water, pressure test equipment, water and measuring equipment is ready and complete, working condition is good.

4. The thickness of the back fill of the pipe section which is ready to test pressure shall be not less than 0.5M. (not filled in at the interface)

5, test pressure pipe section of all openings should be blocked, can not have leakage phenomenon.

6, pressure test tube section shall not be used as test pressure blocking plate.

Two, the pressure on the back of the test section of the requirements

When the hydraulic pressure test, the pressure of the water under the action of the pipe end will have a huge thrust, the thrust of all function in the pressure test section on the back, the back is not strong, pipe will produce large longitudinal displacement, the interface pulled out, even in the pipe body produce circumferential crack, extremely easy to cause safety accidents, should be taken seriously.

1, the back must be located in the back of the original soil, when the soil is soft, should take concrete, reinforced concrete wall, slab column or other reinforcement measures to ensure the stability of the back.

2, try to press the back wall must be straight and vertical pipe line.

3, with the natural soil as a test of the back, to retain the 7 - 10M of the undisturbed soil excavation.

4, back support form: I-beam arranged close to the wall, arranged in a crisscross pattern, with Jack in the plug jack number according to the top force, choose one or more jack.

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